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To help you maximize your safety, as well as get the personalized expert consulting to maximize your results, we’ve built a team of experts to guarantee your success. The team behind is led by our expert advising staff and Dr. Richard Howard II, author and Doctor of Public Health.

Dr. Richard Howard II

Dr. Howard is the lead penis doctor at and does consultations daily. His accomplishments include:
  • A practicing expert of penile exercising, for over three decades.
  • With his own penile exercising techniques and the safe use of devices, he has gained over 3 inches in length and 2 inches in girth.
  • Published Author - Dr. Howard wrote “Vitamin C and Ophthalmic Wound Healing” as well as scientific papers regarding the effects of supplements on the body. He also wrote the introduction to the bestselling book Penis Exercises: A Healthy Book for Enlargement, Enhancement, Hardness, & Health
  • A Doctor of Public Health for over 25 years,
  • Dr. Howard received his bachelor’s degree and economics in biology from Loyola University, his master’s in public health and in biochemistry and a doctorate in public health from Tulane University.
  • Dr. Howard has been a health and fitness advisor for 10 years, at the Howard Medical Clinic.
  • He has enthusiastically researched, studied and applied “new frontier” principles of sexual enhancement, focusing on optimal methodologies of penis enhancement and enlargement (PE).

Penis Enhancement Areas of Expertise:

  • Beginner penis training with manual exercises
  • Advanced penis training with penis devices
  • Traction and length extension devices
  • Pumping
  • Application of cutting-edge principles and methods
  • Penis health and fitness advisor
“Dr. Howard's guidance has been a necessity in my penis enlargement training. For over 3 years, prior to meeting him, I scoured the internet, forums, and I even tried other services on my own. The results were mixed, and I was never sure how I was doing relative to others. Dr Howard's qualified opinions, customized advice, and personalized training have been invaluable. He has shown me new methods of training and has provided advice for every situation that I have encountered.”
A.P. New York, NY With professional degrees in biochemistry and public health, Dr. Richard Howard strives for optimum health. That determination of health first has branched out into his sexuality and eventually his penis. With decades of biological knowledge and penis training experience (he first started penis exercising over 20 years ago), Dr. Howard gradually developed growth-induced penis workouts. His training as a scientist helped him determine what methods work best, and he gained a total of more than 3 inches in length and 2 inches in girth. He also realized erections harder than he had when he was a teenager. Since his own success, Dr. Howard has spent the past few years helping men get the penis enlargement and enhancement results they want - through coaching, writing and consulting. His scientific hat is always on first, and insights are continually occurring to him as Dr. Howard develops progressive, advanced routines for those who wish extraordinary gains. “The advent of penis enhancement, enlargement has brought forth a new paradigm of exciting and amazing possibilities until recently not thought possible, contributing greatly to sexuality,” says Howard. Want to know more about Dr. Howard and his story? Read an interview with him by bestselling author Rob Michaels.  

Advisory Team

The advisory team behind myPenisDoctor includes the best-of-the-best in the field of penis enhancement - experts who have helped millions of men build a larger and harder penis.

Rob Michaels

  Rob is the author of the bestselling book, Penis Exercises: A Healthy Book for Enlargement, Enhancement, Hardness, & Health. The book has been translated into multiple languages, including Taiwanese and Chinese. Rob. has been featured in dozens of media outlets and websites, including The Huffington Post, and is a guest lecturer at the University of South Florida. He is also founder of the leading male sexual health  and penis enlargement member forum website --

AJ “Big Al” Alfaro

  "Big Al," a male sexual health personal trainer, is the author of several books and guides including "For Men Only" and "How To Get Incredibly Huge and Super Strong Naturally." Throughout his career, he has helped more than a quarter million men achieve improved sexual health, fitness and reach their male enhancement goals, through his publications and coaching. Alfaro has been featured on MSNBC, CNN,, The "Jon Melichar Show," The Boston Phoenix, and more.

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Dr. Howard has been working with me for three years and was able to precisely pinpoint the methods that would be ideally suited for my goals . . . Continue Reading >>
I.F. New Orleans, LA

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Dr. Richard Howard II is a doctor of public health and experienced penile enhancement expert. He tested his plan himself and gained over 5 inches in length and significant penis girth.

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