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I gained 3″ in length and 1.75″ in girth!

“Dr. Howard has been working with me for three years and was able to precisely pinpoint the methods that would be ideally suited for my goals. I gained 3” in length and 1.75” in girth approximately, which is exactly my original (ambitious) goal..."

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"with the clarity and the vision Dr. Howard offers as my personal coach, my journey became focused solely on committing myself to exercises, versus going around from site to site looking for things that might work..."

He’s Gained Over 5 Inches!

"Dr. Howards doctor of public health background, combined with his own training (he’s added over 5 inches himself!), is what makes him an ideal penile doctor consultant. If you want to see results as fast and as safe as possible, talk to Dr. Howard...”

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"Dr. Howard has shown great proficiency in dealing with all male enhancement subjects to help men get the penis size and hardness they want.
I am honored to be associated with Dr. Richard Howard.”

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Dr. Richard Howard II is a doctor of public health and experienced penile enhancement expert. He tested his plan himself and gained over 5 inches in length and significant penis girth.

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